Adrian Nivola | Intimate Interiors

17 Feb - 2 Apr 2023
TAYLOE PIGGOTT GALLERY is pleased to present Intimate Interiors, a solo exhibition of oil paintings and pastels by artist Adrian Nivola, on view from February 17th through April 2nd, 2023. An artist reception will be held on Friday, February 17th from 5-7pm; all are welcome to attend. Nivola will be in attendance. 
Seeking to transform color into light, Adrian Nivola portrays the atmosphere of interiors where figures reside in solitude, part and parcel of the light they radiate. The artist derives inspiration from a dialogue with a variety of great painters from the past, chief among them Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard. Nivola's interest lies in the timeless preoccupations articulated by Bonnard, who Nivola quotes as having said, “I’m trying to do what I have never done - give the impression one has on entering a room: one sees everything and at the same time nothing.” Another of Bonnard’s observations was, "There has always been color but color has yet to become light…Our God is light." According to Nivola, the exciting challenge proposed by painters like Bonnard is not to try to illustrate a light scenario but to generate light from the color itself. That is, the color relationships must generate vibrations and influence one another to create a unique pictorial light.