Fiona Waterstreet

FIONA WATERSTREET creates birds and abstract sculptures from porcelain. Although she has no particular affinity to the animal, Waterstreet’s creations seem to exemplify the je ne sais quoi of a bird. The arch of the neck, the angle of the head, and the details of the beak, all remind the viewer of a bird’s universal nature. Imprinting an organic aesthetic in each piece, the viewer can see the tangible presence of Waterstreet’s hand. United by this tactile quality, each of Waterstreet’s birds has a particular character that comes to life through the undulations of the sculpted clay. Captivating alone or grouped, her birds effortlessly display the whimsical, light-hearted nature of the animal. Waterstreet also sculpts forms that look like vases or antique jugs from porcelain. Exuding a similar aesthetic, these sculptures express Waterstreet’s passion for working the clay into inimitable forms. Always alluring, all of Waterstreet’s works are beautiful additions to spaces in need of playful yet mysterious intrigue.