Raúl Díaz

Raul Diaz invites us to seek refuge in a secret universe that exists within each of us – a soothing, friendly space characterized by the presence of beauty and the solitude of personal soul searching that rarely surfaces amid the chaos of contemporary life. Evoked by the artist’s memories of his childhood, the mysterious images in Diaz’s artworks are deeply personal and reminiscent of his own spiritual adventure. The images produce a sense of nostalgia that compels the viewer to reflect on his or her own life as well as past family histories. The past and future meld into one as the viewer contemplates his or her place within time.  
Since his first exhibitions in the early 1980s, Raul Diaz has shown an inclination towards expressing himself through figures – typically human ones. His distinct style comes from his unique technique of texturing wood panels that reveal otherworldly images. He uses mixed media to produce a tactile impression on the surface of wood panels that depicts peaceful figures among boats, kites, roses and shells. Diaz’s construction of human figures is forged from an ethereal conception rather than a naturalistic representation of the human form. The characters that appear in his works are planar, out of scale silhouettes that are often seen from behind in unrealistic positions and postures. The depth of color and textures in the backgrounds of Diaz’s artworks create a dream-like environment that is present in all of his work. The simplicity of the figures against these dynamic backgrounds instills a sense of calm in the viewer that is distinctive of Diaz’s artworks.
Diaz was born in 1952 in Cordoba, Argentina, where he continues to live and produce his art. Although Diaz studied architecture, he could not avoid the overwhelming call within himself to be a painter. Self-taught, Diaz has emerged as one of the most prominent artists in Argentina and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Argentina and abroad. He has had solo shows in Cordoba, Buenos Aires, the United States, the Netherlands and Italy. He has also been the recipient of important awards including the Grand Prize of the National Salon of Painting of the Pro-Art Foundation, Cordoba (1990). In 2010, Diaz was honored with a solo exhibition at the Museo Caraffa in Cordoba.