Kathryn Lynch | Fields of Time

18 Feb - 27 Mar 2022

“Paintings are alive when they’re good. It’s got to exist and be ok to exist…”

-Kathryn Lynch

TAYLOE PIGGOTT GALLERY is pleased to present Fields of Time an exhibition of paintings by New York-based artist Kathryn Lynch on view from February 18th through March 27th 2022. An artist reception will be held at the gallery Friday, February 18th from 5-8pm. All are invited to attend. Lynch will be in attendance.


Kathryn Lynch paints like a poet, evoking emotion through eloquent imagery. On long walks through her New York neighborhood, she lets life whirl around her, a kinetic routine punctuated by perception. Certain scenes settle in her unconscious and resurface inside her studio as sketches: A tree-lined street laced with electric lines, cherry blossoms in peak blush, a ship docking. As paintings, these moments in time feel vague yet familiar, more of a suggestion than specific.