Rakuko Naito | Rhythms of White

1 Apr - 8 May 2022

TAYLOE PIGGOTT GALLERY is pleased to present Rhythms of White an exhibition of work by artist Rakuko Naito on view from April 1st through May 8th 2022. Naito’s career has spanned many methods and materials, all with the same evident dedication to organization and inventiveness. Beginning as an optical art painter in the early 60s after moving to New York from Tokyo, she explored acrylics, spray paint, and masking tape, eventually focusing her style on the delicate, monochromatic paper assemblages that she works in today. With a natural affinity for order and structure, Naito joins a circle of artists such as Mel Bochner, Eve Hesse, and Sol LeWitt. Naito’s repetition of actions, decisions, and manipulated forms combined with her avoidance of narrative is the basis for her re ned works. Naito has said, “I feel natural forms and textures have a reality that can not be completed by trying to paint or drawn by hand. I try to experiment and manipulate materials to create my own world.” As a result of her methodology, Naito has found a unique class for her ideas somewhere between our notion of “drawing” and “sculpture.”