Nicola Hicks | Marks on the Wall

9 Jun - 30 Jul 2023
TAYLOE PIGGOTT GALLERY is pleased to present Marks on the Wall, a solo exhibition of multi-media work by London based artist Nicola Hicks on view June 9th through July 30th 2023.
Marks on the Wall presents a selection of straw and plaster sculptures with two-dimensional backdrops as well as a selection of charcoal drawings, depicting gallant, humanized animals, both familiar and mythic. Hicks captures the transcendental power of beings with an extraordinary intensity that eclipses mere visual fact or scientific anatomy. Elephants, bears, swans, dogs, or Minotaurs, Hicks’ art radiates an archaic energy and is far more a spiritual study of life- human, animal or otherwisethan a formal study of animals.